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The Shortest Distance to Understanding For Tax Professionals (SM)

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Readable Press Smart Solutions
Readable Press LLC is a publisher of innovative, reader-friendly tax publications serving the legal, accounting and academic communities.

The inaugural series is The Readable Code and Regs. It is designed to speed the tax professional through research in the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations by allowing the reader to read and understand a provision in a single pass, without flipping pages or clicking links. It does so by presenting the material side-by-side in two enlightening formats.

The first consists of the official text with side notes concisely explaining cross-references. The second side conveys a translation of the official text into intuitive language. Unnecessary jargon is replaced with business language, run-on sentences with simpler structures, and opaque cross-references with clear descriptions.

Concise tables summarize the past 10 years of legislative and regulatory history for each section. Add to these features the efficiency and convenience of our new PDF format and you have a one-of-a-kind productivity tool.

2010 Edition Now Available in PDF Format

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