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Application for Corporate Account by a University or Government Agency

NOTE: This application is not necessary for, and a Corporate Account is not used for, sales by credit card. Such sales are conducted through the Bookstore section.

University or Agency Information:

Primary Contact Information:

Shipping Address:

Billing Address (if different from Shipping Address):

Please select one:


Representatives of Customer authorized to place orders: (Please list person and title)

Additional Information for Bookstores:

Type programs in which Publications will be used (check all that apply):

Professor(s) ordering:

Please complete as applicable:

Will all Publications purchased under this Corporate Account be resold in the ordinary course of Customer’s business?

The above Agency, University Bookstore, or other qualified applicant (“Customer”) applies for an open account (a “Corporate Account”) with Readable Press LLC (“Publisher”, “we”, “us”, and “our”) for the purpose of purchasing publications from Publisher (“Publication(s)”).

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